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Research & Design

Bankside Patterson Frames offer a comprehensive service to customers on all aspects of specification and use of our range. The specification needs vary from project to project but we are able to provide solutions to meet your design needs.

Build to customer specification

All frames for modular buildings are built to our customer's specifications and dimensions. This gives our customers the control they need to optimise the frame for distribution of services and other features required for subsequent build activities.

Design Authority

To ensure the design compliance to your requirements Bankside Patterson limited accept contracts on the following basis:-

The definition of our supply is defined in BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:20011, Table A.1

Bankside Patterson will use Method 1 or Method 3a or a combination of the two as appropriate.

Method 1
The basis of manufacture is "MPCS", or Manufacturer Provided Component Specification. In this method, Bankside Patterson LTD draw and supply the drawings to the design brief provided by the customer. Then, they are approved by the customer. The customer is the design authority and any subsequent revisions to the specification must be directed through the approval route.

Method 3a
The basis of manufacture is "PPCS", or Purchaser Provided Component Specification. This is used where the customer will supply completed manufacturing drawings that Bankside Patterson LTD are able to manufacture to, or "Build to Print".

3D modelling if required

Drawings are usually prepared in DWG format, with data supplied to us in DWG or DXF formats. Drawing preparation is 2D by default. Where other formats are preferred or where 3D / solid modelling is required, please contact us to discuss the requirement.

Design and structural engineering partnerships

Should you require it, we have partnerships in place with structural engineers and design houses such that we can offer a full turnkey service if required.

More information

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