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Bankside Patterson offer a wide range of steel module frames, ranging from small modular floor cassettes, to larger bolted floor and roof units and through to very large full welded cube modular steel frames all manufactured to customers specifications to meet all requirements.

All Bankside Patterson products and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 and CE Marked (BS EN 1090-1:2009) exclusion class 2

Bankside Patterson understands that the modular structure steel frame segment of the modular building market is rapidly expanding. With this in mind, we have a dedicated frame building operation to accommodate this.

All frames for modular buildings are built to our customer's specifications and dimensions. This gives our customers the control they need to optimise the frame for distribution of services and other features required for subsequent build activities.

There are three different options to cope with different customers applications; Welded cubed frames, Flat pack frames and kits:-

Welded cubed frames

Modular frames

These frames are supplied fully assembled in "cube" form. The floors and roof modules are produced on jigs where all joists and hatch requirements and built in. Find out more

Flat pack bolted frames

Flat pack bolted frames

A modular component solution where the frames are supplied as a "flat packed" building consisting of a ladder floor and ceiling, and corner columns with bolted flag plates. Find out more

Frame kits

Frame kits

A frame solution supplied as a kit of parts. Find out more

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